Steven Bagatzky is a professional illustrator, storyboard artist and concept artist with experiences gathered in various markets such as advertising, mobile games, browser games, card games and book/magazine cover illustration. He started freelancing in 2003 and has been doing so continuously since then. 

Steven is is currently an employee of KARAKTER Design Studio in Berlin, where he leads a team of artists contributing to leading media products in the games industry. His freelance expertise allows him to furthermore contribute to the company growth at large and the company culture in specific.

After 3 years of almost exclusively working with KARAKTER he recently commited one day per week to freelance work that is outside of KARAKTERs typical range of service and spends an additional day per week on learning more about psychology and other topics.

Steven is looking specifically for work similar to what is shown in this portfolio, reach out to steven@bagatzky.de to connect if you got a project at hand!

Alternative (für währed ich noch angestellt bin):
Steven is currently an employee of KARAKTER Design Studio in Berlin. Since the time he is able to commit to additional freelance work is limited, he is currently exclusively looking for work that is similar to what is shown here.

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